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 If you have a dog that tends to eat everything in sight, which is very common with younger dogs, then using a quality, well made and tough auto dog feeder can be the best way to use portion control.
When my dog was younger, she would gobble her kibble and then promptly throw it up in my living room.  It was like she couldn't get enough.  When she was younger (she is a senior doggy now) I simply couldn't find these auto feeders.

My veterinarian said I needed to feed my pooch over the day.  In other words, spread out her meals.  So we started with the total amount allowed and split it between breakfast and dinner.  But I do believe it would have been better to add another one in the middle of the day.
After much research I found these automatic dog feeders to be the best.  But keeping in mind there are many other ways to give your dog some dinner as well.  If you are away most of the day you could have an automatic dog feeder setup.  Don't forget an interactive dog feeder as an option for keeping a lonely dog busy!
If your dog gets bored, then giving him something to do for the day will help to calm anxieties.  Interactive toys can work well especially if you fill them with his favourite treats or even more of the kibble.  He has to work at getting the pieces out of the toy, and once again you need good quality toys for them to enjoy.
There are so many ways you can help your dog or pet enjoy the day while you are at work, and still get quality portion controlled meals, fresh water, green grass and toys to play with, so that when you get home they are not stressed, just happy to see you!

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